PC or Laptop gor Game Development

Hi. I am in a college learning Game Art. I’m a Junior now, and I am considering getting my own computer to work on these things in my own space.

But the thing is, i am debating on whether to invest in building my own PC or invest in a laptop. The only pros and cons i have so far is strictly portablility and money. Having a laptop would be easier to bring around with me so i can work, but i know having a PC means i can make it a lot stronger and do a lot more for me.

I will not just be working in Unreal Engine for this. I will also be using Maya, Substance Painter, Perforce, and other possible programs in the future considering I’m still aJunior and i do plan on being a lighting artist once i graduate.

The big advantage to getting a desktop is that you can get more powerful components for the cost, typically they run better even with comparable components. You can also upgrade components easily which you can’t do with a laptop.

Laptop only for two reasons: you REALLY need that mobility, ie. student dorm, traveling a lot etc, or you are rich and extra laptop is just bonus while your main workstation is pc.

Any other scenario i would prefer ergonomics, more power for same price, more monitors, bigger storage all that rather than"look i am cool i have laptop" factor. That “I’am cool, I have laptop” thing will wear off after few days.

So get desktop, get better GPU, CPU , more ram, more hdd for same price. Next Christmas get big 40-50" 4k monitor and never look back at laptops, or get 64gb ram, or some ultrafast SSD from intel. That upgrade options you have on desktop are plenty. I got my desktop 5 years ago (it was top setup back then) and i still do not see reason for upgrade, laptop after 5 years would die from dust and overheating.

And if you think that you can work everywhere on laptop, just don’t. Doing indie work or working from home has exactly opposite problem you need mentally switch from “being home” to “being at work”, you need some change that separates leisure time from working, so having desktop PC in separate room where you must sit at desk helps to focus on work.

Yeah, that’s true you should aim for latop, however you still can get better GPU by modding your laptop like this
If you’re interested I found some info here ( but its in my motherlanguage.