PC Horror Experience Needs Music Composer

Dear reader,

My currently unannounced PC horror experience is in development and about 40%-50% complete. It is a passion project that I have great faith in and would like, without looking too far ahead, to make a series out of it. The games is relatively short, but provides the player with plenty of scares and suspense throughout whilst keeping it interesting and narrative.

We currently have one music composer, but however, due to lack of time, it would be helpful if anyone is interested in scoring a soundtrack for our game - The skills I am looking for are:


  1. Some experience is helpful, however I’m open to anyone looking to gain some!
  2. An understanding of horror and an adaptable mind.
  3. Finally, somebody who I feel able to give ideas to - And who can take them!

Thank you very much, if you are interested (as I hope you are) please send an E-Mail at the below, and or, a message to my inbox -

Regards -
Kai Undrell (Studio Dread, Founder)