PC Hardware Question - Equipment Size / Going Mobile / Nomadic

Hey everyone,

This past year I started working a lot in Unreal Engine. My work involves quickly putting together rough representations of film scenes for cinematography purposes.
For this type of work, I don’t really need a raytracing or final cinematic level of polish, but I do need a sharp high quality 4k product. And I need to be able to showcase Depth of Field, lighting, stuff like that.

At home I have a pretty beefy PC desktop. I should also say that this is my first Windows PC in a long time. Mostly I was using a Mac workflow before my work veered toward Unreal.

Once the pandemic fades, I’m extremely eager to travel, and possibly relocate overseas for a while. And I don’t know how feasible it is to take my current desktop. I travelled during work before, but mostly as a video editor with a Macbook Pro setup.

Also, I could end up in a country where PC’s are easy to come by but hard to shop for due to language. In other cases, good PC’s might be hard to find locally, but I could probably find accessories.

SOOO…being a Windows PC noob, here’s my questions.

–Is anyone running Unreal Engine off a laptop, and does it run well? And what would be a suggested badass laptop for Unreal? I think due to the busy UE interface, I’d plug it into another monitor or a TV.

–In the PC world, are there some desktop models designed to squeeze big power into a small footprint? Like a desktop that would run Unreal fine that I could fit in a carryon case?

–Lastly, if anyone has experience relocating to a foreign country and having to order a good desktop to be delivered, I’d love to know about your experiences. Or has anyone had their desktop shipped to them in a foreign country?

–Finally, my Windows desktop at home is a very corporate black box built for stuff like Unreal. But I’m wondering if the stock gaming rigs like Alienware etc do a good job with Unreal? I figure in some countries, it may be easier to source something like that.

Thanks for any insight you have.