PC Config

Hi Everyone!
I am building PC for UE4.

I have chosen:
AMD FX-Series FX-8300
GeForce GTX760 KFA2 PCI-E 2048Mb
and 2x4GB Ram?

Will this config work at 50~60 FPS?

What do you think about more cheaper graphic cards? GTX 660/R9 270x/Radeon 7970/Radeon 7950

Prices in my country:
760 ($190)
7979 ($175)
R9 270x ($170)
660 ($160)
7950 ($155)

That looks okay for a relatively low spec dev machine. (But it is a very good gaming rig).

I’d try to stretch to the FX-8350, 16GB RAM if possible.

You’ll probably want to upgrade the GPU pretty soon, but this will be okay while you get started.

What is better gtx 760 or 7970?