PC Build

What would be the best parts to get if I want a 4GB video card, a 4790K, 16Gb of RAM, with a budget of a thousand dollars? The case I want to use is the NZXT H440

Thanks in Advance! :smiley:

Ideally, the GPU you would get would be a GTX970. However, for your budget, you may have to (slightly) compromise with an AMD 290 or 290X.

I would also get any cheap mobo from a big name. That will be fine. Get a branded PSU (I prefer Corsair) with a minimum of 650 watts. That and any HDD will finish it off.

SSD, second monitor and soundcard are things you can buy later. Get the basics right (especially the PSU), and you will save yourself money in the long run.

SSD is best if you plan C++ coding

I heard that the 970 only uses like a quarter of the 4GB, I could have heard wrong, but I think it was on a thread on Tom’s hardware forums, and the guys over the there are pretty smart.

And for the CPU, would I be giving up an noticeable difference in performance?

I already have two hand-me-down monitors, on from my mom, and one from my aunt, so that can be crossed off the list.

And Shadowriver, I will not be doing C++, but I am planning on getting a 500Gb SSD, for a later upgrade.

Thank You For the Help :slight_smile:

Actually 970 uses 3.5GB out of 4. I have not read into why or what the other 0.5GB does, if you want to know internet is already full of threads about that. But 3.5GB is enough already.

I own a 4790K and it’s pretty fast, but almost expensive. You can get a good i5 or 4790 (non K) with spending less money and notice not so much difference.

I also have 8GB of ram, willing to put another 8GB once I get annoyed. But so far everything has been ok with 8GB. You could also go with 8GB and put the remaining money on another part.

It uses all 4GB but it’s divided in two segments, one 3.5GB and one 0.5GB and the latter performs about a seventh of the speed of the 3.5GB segment. This can cause slowdowns when you use more than 3.5GB of VRAM. It’s still the card with most bang for the buck currently regardless.

The GTX970 uses all of it’s 4GB VRAM, but 0.5 GB of it is slower. The card is still a fantastic card, and I would choose it over the 290 and 290X if I were choosing a card at that budget and performance level, but I also gave the other two as recommendations too. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:
How often do you hit the 3.5GB usage?

I believe it doesn’t become an issue unless you are using 4K, but even then, the card is still a good one.