PC Build

Hello, I’m Ventsislav and I want to start with game development using an unreal engine but I want to ask what computer I need to assemble and use it 2019 and 2020? Thanks and if the topic is not for this section let it be moved.

I think it’s a very comprehensive question.
Is there a reference to the game you want to create?

What’s your budget?

An ideal build is something like a i9 9900k with a RTX 2080 ti, 64GB ram, 1 TB SSD. But that’s also ~$2000 USD.

But you can get by just fine with a i5, GTX 1060, 16 GB, 256GB SSD. Or go even lower and really make a budget computer.

Thanks for the replies I have stopped on the new ryzen and will surely get 2080ti and 32GB initially then I will add another 32GB but if you have ideas what to change will be glad to hear.