PC Build (low cost - $500) or support?

Hi, I need your help, I do not have a PC but want to develop with UE4, I’ve seen several tutorials and I like its interface and gives you free resources Epic Games. I have several ideas for projects and eager to work with this great software, but I have no money, so I need a budget of a pc to raise money and put it together, I believe the limit would be $ 500, had thought to put an i3 6100, 8gb ram , gtx 950, but EU4 emissions requirements call for a 4-core processor at 2.5GHz, so that would be my question. It is enough to unreal i3 6100? And if there is some support for developers without a project started? (I’m 16 and I live in Mexico, sorry for my English, I am using Google Translate)

En español:
Hola, necesito su ayuda, no tengo una Pc pero quiero desarrollar con UE4, he visto varios tutoriales y me gusta su interfaz y los recursos gratuitos que te otorga Epic Games. Tengo varias ideas para proyectos y muchas ganas para trabajar con este grandioso software, pero no tengo dinero, asi que necesito un presupuesto de una pc para juntar dinero y armarla, creo que el limite serian $500, tenia pensado ponerle un i3 6100, 8gb ram, gtx 950, pero en los requisitos de ue4 piden un procesador de 4 nucleos a 2.5ghz, asi que esa seria mi duda. Es el i3 6100 suficiente para unreal? Y si hay algun apoyo para desarrolladores sin un proyecto comenzado? (Tengo 16 años y vivo en Mexico, perdon por mi ingles, estoy usando Google Translate)

I can suggest asking on here:


The people there are pretty good at finding parts for a computer.

$500 is about the bare minimum I’d suggest for a PC for UE4. For $750 you get much better performance per dollar, you’ll be getting 2-3x higher frame rates than a $500 PC.

Here’s what I’d suggest for both price ranges, $750 PC PARTS LIST - | $500 PC PARTS LIST:
Those builds are from this video, which is about building a gaming PC, but is similar to what you want with UE4.

Intel Core i5 6500 204
MSI Gaming Intel Skylake B150
Kingston HyperX FURY Black 8GB Kit (2x4GB) 2133MHz DDR4
Corsair Hydro Liquid CPU Cooler H60
WD Blue 1TB SATA 6 Gb/s 7200 RPM 64MB Cache
Samsung SSD 750 EVO 250GB SSD
Corsair Carbide Series SPEC-02 Mid Tower Gaming Case

Definitely get rid of the liquid cooler, get the Hyper 212 EVO instead, and get 16GB of ram.

I noted the URL assisting in buying a rig for lost cost game dev, etc.

We are getting a second rig for 2nd dev, and atm they don’t need anything beefy, so ‘low cost’ is more than adequate, but we’re wondering:

Is a ‘dual core’ really enough, given UE4 recommends a ‘quad core’ for development ?

If so, should the choice be then, a i3 6100 which while not a true ‘quad’ either, has a slightly better built in gpu and ddr4 to boot ?

I had a dual core when I started using ue4 and it was a nightmare :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya I can imagine, but was yours a i3 dual ?

If so that’s troubling,but, the rumor has it, windows sees the i3 as ‘quad’ , tho its not, so I wondered if ue4 would too and that the Hyper-Threading Support part of intel would somehow be adequate/better vs a real quad core that is in that system, a Athlon X3 3.2ghz.

Sorry I know this is prob. outside the help of this forum, but I though to ask just in case someone knew :))


Actually, I think AMD might be a better option for the bare budget computer.

There are many i3s, and some of them are dual-core with hyper-threading, and thus would be seen as “quad.”

HM, ok I wondered if it was true though, if ue4 would see it as quad regardless windows does, but perhaps that’s too much of a nit.

The real question, is the i3 through its ‘seen as’ quad going to give better quad core processing in ue43 ( lighting, etc.) vs a real quad core amd ( cant afford a real quad i7 atm etc.) ?

If the answer is yes to i3 ‘quad’ handling ue4 better on most/all fronts, then the extra few dollars is no biggie.

ty so much

It was an amd phenom ll 2x I believe.

I think the I3 would be a better option than AMD Athlon. I3 has 2 real and 2 hyperthreaded cores, while those 2 cores don’t have the same performance as 2 real cores i3 6100 is using Skylake architecture so it has great single core performance. Ue4 will see it as quad core cpu.

Ok one last question as I had time and got some chat info ( no phone access) from intel about this i3.

It said to ask developer forum, logical so it is:

Is unrealengine capable as written ( or yet to come ?) to take advantage of the i3 6100 HT ( 2 cores 2 logical cores <<<<< ) sufficient that it would be as capable in light building and other cpu core component services, to be equal to or exceed a similarly priced amd qud of similar single core speed ?

I hope that’s not too in the weeds but its the only way I can decide which ‘upgrade’ is the best for the money, or for now if keeping the current Athlon is adequate ( though its single core speed is obviously slower and fly-through navigating game is a tad slow on large map were using atm) .

Appreciate all the feedback, this hardware landscape can be a real pain to ‘navigate’ :))

Intel chips are significantly faster than AMD CPUs at the same clock speeds. And since Lightmass takes advantage of Intel’s Embree ray tracing library to basically double baking speeds, but only on Intel hardware, they’re way faster.

Ok ty Zac etal for info appreciate it.

P.S._ Fascinating stuff, and color me thrifty ( as my father/gfather before me <g>), but I talked to intel rep while waiting as I assumed my own research responsible as well, and intel guy ( chat n ot phone, not available) said:

i3 6100 will suffer, lag etc here and there as HT will not be able to keep up with high end game dev.

This isn’t so much to ‘counter’ what you are saying, I take in ALL , appreciated and adding what I"ve been told as well,-nothing more.

So peace on that front :wink:

I found this too,and does UE4 support this now/yet ? :

I’m honestly not sure, if money wasn’t a problem, if I"d wait for am4 or just go straight to i7 (Highest end). I’ve been ,SO out of hardware loop, tho I put my own systems together myself ( enjoy it + savings,enjoy it more and I get what I want that way ) hence the questions.

TY as always!