PC Build - JUNE 2020

Hi All,

Building a rig for UE 4 development and I know similar questions were answered in the past.

In terms of CPU and with the hardware we currently have on the Market does it make sense to invest in a X3960+ or will the X3950 work just as well?

I personally can’t justify the extra cost of the 24+ cores but if community thinks it makes a lot of difference it would.

Thanks in advance!

Meant: 3950X (16 Core) and 3960X (24 core)

Do you mean the AMD 3650X / 3960X?

The 3960X would be better, while they would have the biggest benefit for multi-threaded operations like light building, the 3960X also has a higher clock speed so it should be a bit faster for single-threaded operations too

Sorry I meant the 3950X (16 Core) and 3960X (24 core) and t hanks for your response. The price diff is just so huge, only if would make huge difference would i do it