PBS System

fixed it!

Consider explaining what Blinking and SCP is.

It sounds rather straightforward:

Also, you may need to explain this:

I also wanted to try out with the hud,
i found in the game files everything i
needed but i dont know how to make it,
i dont know if i’d need to do like 12
huds 1 with a line in the blink bar
deleted or what, but what im
concentrating now on is the manual
blinking problem.

Is this like a container that accumulates blinks that the player is allowed to trigger? Or the bar just shows the time remaining to the next automatic blink? (like in the video?)

Asking questions because this is a tad bizarre. Definitely uncommon. Probably very easy to implement once I understand what’s required.

Is there always the same amount of blink bars throughout the game or is this dynamic? I think this whole thing could be contained in the widget with a single timer that just adds seconds, when it reaches set amount, it resets.

No problem, keep hammering at it until it works the way you need. In the meanwhile, see if you can adapt this to your needs. Not entirely sure whether this works how you envisioned but it might be a start:

Image from Gyazo

This is fully dynamic, so you can set the BlinkerBars to any value, here’s one with 25:

Image from Gyazo

The blinker bar widget is just a border with a padded image. The main widget is just a horizontal box set to autosize on the canvas.

Any questions, do tell!