PBR Tutorial and Material Library

I’ve released a short video series on Gumroad on PBR in UE4. It’s a pretty straightforward video, meant mostly for beginners, but I do go a little bit into gamma correction and clever ways to reuse textures using Lerps. Mostly basic stuff, but it may help others who are just starting out and just learning UE4.

I’m offering $1 off the video for the first 25 users here who purchase it - just $4 for over 30 minute of video and the sample project.

Thanks for your interest and please give me your feedback!

Also special thanks to d1ver for letting me use his awesome Materialing library as some of the base content for this video.

I also have a material pack for sale! I’ll give the same $1 off for all you guys.

Please leave feedback and let me know how you feel about the pricing, what you want to see in the future, etc.

Awesome! I just picked up a copy of the tutorial (I’m TitusCruentus on Reddit btw). Can’t wait to check it out, I think it will be really useful for making sure all my PBR stuff is correct.

Thanks. If you have any questions please email me! I’ve already got some good feedback and I may record another video to help explain a few parts further.

Neat! I’m always happy to support things like this; especially when offered at such a reasonable price. Keep it up, I hope to see more :slight_smile:


Cannot wait to watch it :slight_smile:

Thanks! Let me know your thoughts on it so I can make improvements for further videos.

nice man just went and bought it :smiley: hopefully this will really help with PBR in UE4 for me. :smiley:

Just wanted to say, I picked up both. Really quality material here.

Thanks for the kind words. I’ll be putting out more advanced content soon, including some more complex materials, some work flows on layered materials and how to make the best use of them, etc.

I bought your videos, simply fantastic. I have been working with UE4 for the last 3 months with no prior UE3 knowledge (or any other engine for that matter). It took me this long to finally start understanding PBR. The most confusing factor was the specular, in older engine it worked much differently. I know that much. Now I can see it’s just a value for the highlight brightness in the roughness.

If you come out with more tutorials at a reasonable price, I will continue to pay for them :smiley:

just bought it and thanks alot, its so useful, another thing i would like to learn is how to use gloss and metalic maps and how to link them up in UE4. Great job dude!

Your gloss map is basically your roughness map.
You plug it into OneMinus and then plug that into Roughness

The reason you are plugging it into Oneminus is to invert it.
In UE4 I believe, 1 means black and 0 means White. That is how UE4 handles materials.

1 = A surface is rough.
0 = A surface is not rough.

Here are some links of reference that could benefit you. I urge you to plow over:

PBR Practice

Tutorials & Resources | Marmoset (Almost everything you need to know is here)

PBR Theory


Physically Based Materials in UE4

DONTNOD Physically based rendering chart for Unreal Engine 4

RYSE – The Transition to Physically Based Shading

Just wanted to provide a small correction. You have this inverted.

I talk about this in the video series. In programming, you a boolean has a true or false value, which the computer reads respectively as 1 and 0. When we are plugging textures into material nodes, it is looking at the same equation of 0 being false (glossy) and 1 being true (rough). When you create a linear texture, glossy will be black and rough will be white.

Also, OneMinus will only work correctly if sRGB has been turned off. However, if the texture hasn’t been generated properly for Linear space, it isn’t going to look “correct” when it is imported.

wow thanks alot peeps :smiley: :smiley: helped me alot!

Hi I purchase your Intro to PBR and having problems loading the Unreal4 file.

edit : working now. Just needed to open the scene from the download folder rather than bringing it into Unreal4’s project folder.

I can’t download the Intro to PBR in Unreal Engine 4 can you take a look

Thanks for putting in the effort to do a video tutorial so us noobs can workout the process of making the materials look beautiful for our games. I have tried to make my own textures from scratch following video tutorials on Youtube. Such as making a model in 3ds max using xnomal to get a render then going to photoshop to create it. but I fail everytime. maybe someone will do a video tutorial on how to make PBR textures for noobs also.

There’s not much to the process compared to a standard Diffuse/Specular/Gloss/Normal workflow, for which there are lots of well established tutorial series. The only difference is what maps you put detail into.

A good starting point is either D1ver’s material library (Moose linked to it in his post), or grab the trial of Quixel’s dDo which is probably the best way for anyone to learn PBR. Even if you insist on creating stuff from scratch after using dDo, it’s a great learning tool.

Physics based rendering is one coolest features of UE4 -I’m sure many will find your videos useful!