PBR Tools/Weapons

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I found few tools in garage, and I tought about turning them into game assets :smiley:
Here are results:
Hatchet 01 by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab
Tree Saw 01 by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab

And here’s how they look in UE4 so far. I’ll make some more of them :wink:

Be GREAT for a zombie game!

I’ll be making rake, shovels and pickaxe now :smiley:

These could come in handy in zombie apocalypse:
Cleaver 01 by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab

Sickle 01 by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab

These look really great!

they really look great.
but please consider investing some more polys, to make the sickle more rounded :wink:

Thanks :wink: I’ve improved sickle as @stucki suggested, I’ve also sharpened blades on both cleaver and sickle :slight_smile:

glad you done it ! looks much better for me. You have any idea when this pack will go to the marketplace and what you want for it ?

Honestly no idea, I’ll finish the collection first (there are couple more tools left), then I’ll review them again looking for some errors, and after that I’ll try to submit it to Marketplace :wink: It will definitely go to Unity AssetStore, but I’m counting on that I met Epic’s high quality standards :slight_smile:
There will be about 17 tools/weapons and I’m thinking about somewhere around 20-25$, but I’m not sure yet :slight_smile:

Here’s another tool, this little hand pruner has few errors in Albedo texture but I’ll fix them on second iteration of entire pack :slight_smile:
Pruning shears 02 by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab

Screen from UE4:

You apparently should use your tools in the garage more often, look at all that rust! :smiley:

Haha :smiley: Those tools were being used for many, many years, if it works, why would we need new ones? :smiley:
Update, few more tools. I’ll make two different brooms and I think it would be all for now, 20 assets :wink:
I don’t have scythe at home, but I used other photos to texture it, I guess it worked pretty good, it doesn’t stand out so much from others :slight_smile:
I slowly starting to refine them all :slight_smile:

Scythe 01 by Mikołaj Spychał on Sketchfab

The pack is ready, just some finishing touches and presentation screens, and I’ll be submitting it soon :slight_smile:
There are 20 different tools, most of them can be used as weapons, and it will cost 30$. Each model is designed that way, so with minimal konwledge of 3D software you can disassemble blades and create your own weapons :smiley:

I’ve submitted the pack, here’s Marketplace thread: https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?79888-Aged-Tools-Pack

I’m happy to announce that his pack has been released and is available on official Marketplace! - https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/aged-tools-pack

If you’re not convinced about buying this, you can take a look at FREE sample - broom, hammer, hatchet, shovel and as bonus: wheelbarrow! - https://gum.co/AgTsPk