PBR Texture map formats or, why should i use png?

Hey fellow Dev’s, i have a wierd question about PBR Textures and their file format.

When ever i download PBR Textures,they mostly come in the .png format. And 99.99% of those dont use the Alpha channel.

So i’m under the impression, that the “Industry Standart” is to use .png files for everything texture related.


It takes up more harddrive space (and i assume more GPU Ram?). Why dont use good quality jpeg when you dont need the alphachannel capability of png files?

Its jsut something that puzzles me and as im working on mobile VR i look at ways to save ressources…

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PNG isn’t compressed, that’s why it’s used.

EDIT: PNG isn’t using LOSSY compression :sweat_smile:

PNG has loseless compression and is preferred to maintain quality of the source textures.

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That’s what I meant :joy:

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