PBR Physical Based rendering? Is it real and how to understand from Photoghraphy?


In games **** can be messed with. in pictures it can also. but when u are pure and dnt mess with. then u got still no *PBR Pycisal based renderining). cause Computuer wise is all we are talking in. I love this theory. but it isn`t real. I am a stundent in this PBR cause it is the best that helps the lil ones to learn wat it takes to make what Neal made from ShadermMap 4.

Im a photographer. Even when I think I capture that essence. It isn`t it.

So this PBR i studied last 6 years This one and only http://pbrt.org/

and all theses

This guy is best https://marmoset.co/posts/basic-theo…sed-rendering/

and last not lest allgerithem


to all you. out side cpu that sees 1 and zero`s this isnt it. At pure **** sence

hope this move u to understand that no such thing as is in cpu PBR PBY is subjective realility. To make physical in one is to say it is this. That is impossible to acclaim physicalness of one part to another.

Show me where Im lost.

I am an artist. I always wanted to draw with correctness. like the Impressionism.Like the artists now that make art with crop to reverse the mirror image. I do this with pen and brush…

I been learning this through shadermap4 and Gimp and Photshop and other hand me downs. Unless u can use pen and brush from ink u a fake one. My teacher is Musashi

this is real example [https://images.search.yahoo.com/yhs/…=yhs-pty_email

Gorin no sho is this taken from](mushashi the art from pen and brush - - Image Search Results)

[- YouTube

Im a photographer. Look up Akom Tom master of micro photography tell him i said hi](- YouTube)

stick to the hand :stuck_out_tongue: Drawing timelapse: a bottle of Oddka - hyperrealistic art - YouTube

Trying to bring the real physical world into computers at current stage of our technology is impossible. Too much variables to consider, many of them unknown or not realized to be present at a scene, too much processing power needed… so PBR is a concrete definition, but not much concrete realization… instead with use tricky math to get a fast approximation of the physical reality… there is too much loss, so when compared to pure photography the difference is overwhelming…

“The application of both have different purposes: photograph is to capture an event in its pure form for the eternity, while the other approach is to take us to a fogged dream which resembles reality and fool ourselves that the dream was real or at least might become real someday…” and “eventually we will get there” :wink:

I don’t follow. Are you asking what PBR is?

The very essence of it is the law of energy conservation. At the very basic level it means that reflected light can’t have greater intensity than the light source that shines upon it. So: incoming light = diffuse reflection + specular reflection. If you have a specular surface that means the diffuse reflection will be dimmer. If you have a really rough surface (that is approximated in UE 4 with the roughness parameter in materials) it means that the diffuse reflection will be more intense while the specular has to be lower because the sum of those two can’t be more than the incoming light.

That wasn’t how lighting in UE 3 behaved for example. In UE 3 you could make the specular intensity arbitrarily high and it didn’t influence how the diffuse reflections behaved.