Payout, revenue

Hello, I’ve just started publishing assets on a hunch 2 months ago but to my suprise, it is a decent income for a student and decided to take it a bit more seriously. This is when I started to look into payouts and taxes but I haven’t found that much information in the FAQ and thus I would like to ask for your help regarding these questions:
(I pay my taxes in Hungary)

  1. How much does Epic take away as revenue.
  2. Does the 100$ margin include the revenue?
  3. Does Epic pay exactly 45 days after the end of month?

Hey there Gabee!

To answer your questions,

  1. Epic takes away 30% of the sale. So if you sell something for $59.99, you will take home $41.99 from that sale, Epic keeps the rest.

  2. I believe the $100 is revenue owed to the seller, yes.

  3. For the most part yes, sometimes it will come a day or two early though.

Let us know if you have any further questions. =)

Thank you very much :slight_smile:
May I ask where the revenue is stated, I haven’t found it anywhere?

It should be on this page - Marketplace FAQ - Unreal Engine

But for some reason I can’t find it on there anymore. Perhaps one of the staff can address why it may not be there. =)

Here is a link to the information from the Marketplace Guidelines: Marketplace Guidelines - Unreal Engine

Hope this helps!