Payment special character request


I am trying to buy UE4 but because of Turkish characters like (ö,ü,ç,ş,ğ,ı,Ö,Ü,Ç,Ş,Ğ,İ) I am unable to buy UE4 (Only accepts letters problem). I would be happy if it gets fixed.

Also in Turkey, I am getting “Invalid amount” error with Garanti Bank (with latin characters name / which is one of the biggest banks in Turkey) I told the problem to Garanti but I think they didn’t understand what I said. So you guys should contact with them too (


Hello Lacridot,

We are aware of these issues, and we do apologize for the inconvenience they are causing. Unfortunately, at this time, Epic is not yet able to overcome these difficulties.

Full information about known payment issues is available on this forum post:
Please read this if experiencing payment issues - Community & Industry Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums
The relevant information is copied below.

There are some issues with banks using non-ISO compliant characters for

We had a report of a user in Poland
who ran into an issue where their name
was represented in non-latin
characters on the bank’s side. The
problem is our web form and backend
only support latin characters, which
is causing the card to be rejected.

While we applaud proper handling of
names in a global world, neither the
ISO standard, nor we are ready for
that yet


Some credit and debit card users are reporting an “Invalid Amount” error

We believe this is due to the issuing
financial institution not handling
authorizations of $0.00 or $0.01
correctly. These are the standard ways
to check whether a card is valid based
on the card brand.

You might want to talk to your issuing
bank about them rejecting this,
however in practice the easiest
solution is probably to try a
different card. If you don’t have an
alternate way of payment, here is some
information on what to tell your bank.

  • Please ask to speak to experts dealing with credit/debit card
    authorizations, processing, and
    transactions (not all bank employees
    are trained on this subject)
  • Please let your issuing bank know that Chase Paymentech is the processor
    and Epic Games Inc (or Epic Games Intl
    Sarl) is the merchant
  • Epic Games is attempting to verify your credit/debit account and then
    transact (capture) an appropriate
    amount (one-time charge)
  • Please ask your issuing bank to consider white-listing future requests
    from Epic Games

If you require any additional information, please reach out to our billing support department at

Thank you.