Payment is declined

I’m trying to pay for UE4 with my MasterCard and everytime it says “Payment is declined”. I rised my limits on card, and still got this problem.

same card (debit card) and same message. Since I have no credit card or know anyone that as one, all I can do is wait for Epic to set another type of payment method.

I’m sorry that your chosen payment methods aren’t working for you right now. For launch, we were only able to implement one payment solution and a handful of users have reported problems with it. If you have another payment method, that would certainly be your quickest solution to getting UE4.

Otherwise, please contact and we will happily notify you when we roll out additional payment methods for you to try. We are actively working on these as I type this, but I can’t give an exact time for when they will be released.

I have same problem with MasterCard.
So what is solution for this problem?

I have tried with 3 different debit cards from 3 different countries: portugal, spain and brasil. result was same.
I think it only accepts credit cards and no debit cards.
So we keep waiting for a new payment solution.

But I used a credit card both Visa and MasterCard. And result is same :(.
So I hope new paymant solution will be soon.


You might need to talk to someone in billing. Try email address: and see if they can help you further.

Use virtual CC (my Visa was not accepted by Epic too).

Done in 5 minutes, bank transfers are supported too, but it takes 2-3 days.

I have just tried Entropay and I was able to create a virtual card from one of my other virtual card that was not accepted by Epic, and IT WORKED. It just took me a couple of minutes and best part I did not have to give any important information to Entropay and no verification needed (but be aware I have no idea how safe Entropay is).
Downloading now. 2GB ramaining!

yes, use entropay and it´ll work just fine

I understand that entropay is working hurra! But I don’t understand why I can’t not use my creditcard but instead I’m
forced used 3’rd party solutions grr !!.

It is a joke. Now they do not accept Entropay anymore. Or maybe server is so dang that it’s not working. Can’t pay anything on epic games. Bank says they are not collecting payment but making charge. Something fishy.

Hey NerdyTuhin, can you share your account display name? We will check if there’s anything wrong with Entropay payment in our system. Thanks

Do I give it out publicly? Or can I mail you?

This problem is not only facing by me but also by many other users and it begins after season 5 update!

For Fortnite purchase related questions, please visiti

Okay, Thanks. I am sending you :slight_smile:

Also, letting my friends know about it as they have similar issues on PS4 and PC.

Thanks, I’ve forwarded your account details to our Player Support team, who will follow up with you.

Thanks. :slight_smile: Still no response yet.

One of my friend said he was able to made a purchase using Entropay for Save world items from browser. But it does not work for in-game or client purchases for some reason for him also. Maybe epic has blocked it or there’s some gateway problem.

Thanks for your patience, just checked with Play Support, they have responded back.

I don’t understand… this is what they have told. But even using different cards doesn’t get accept. Does it mean that Entroypay is blocked? I am not clear with answer they made. It likes floating on air with no where to land. Can I get an exact straight answer please?

  • Christine:
    I’m writing regarding purchasing issue you inquired about on forums. I reviewed account and see declined purchase attempt. transaction was declined due to suspected suspicious activity. You may want to attempt your purchase using an alternate payment method.