Payment integration into ue4 for PC and Android

Hey everyone! I´m planning to integrate microtransactions into one of my projects. I know some basic Java and did learn some html a few years back, but I never used c++ to work with ue4, I allways used BPs. Now I am wondering if anyone could give me a hint at how to best integrate a payment method like Paypal into a UE4 project.

I assume this is not gonna be possible with blueprints alone, so I looked at some of the solutions that Paypal offers, f.ex. ( Does anyone here have experience with something like that or could recommend a easy way to integrate something like this into a UE4 project? I have no idea where I would even start with coding this…The target plattforms would be Android and PC (Steam).

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

I would suggest integrating with a third party platform that has some sort of RESTful API that you can make queries to that has all that handled for you. Steam is one such example but there are others. I know Epic has their own platform but I am not sure if it’s publicly available.