PawnSensingComponent - Hearing no longer works in 4.5


simple setup with Player (with assigned NoiseEmitterComponent) doing “PawnMakeNoise” (or MakeNoise, both dont work), and an AI with a PawnSensingComponent. I can see in debugging that MakeNoise is triggered, but HearNoise is never triggered.

Same setup worked in 4.4, since i converted the project in 4.5 it no longer works.

Update: Just tried quickly with a whole new project in 4.5, it doesnt work here too, so no issue in converting the project.

Update2: When calling MakeNoise directly on the PawnSensingComponent, it works. When calling MakeNoise from the Actor class, it doesnt work.


Hey there, you should post this one to bug reports as well.

I second that. I’m having the same problem using 4.5. It works as expected in 4.4. PawnSensing OnSeePawn works but OnHearNoise doesn’t. Bummer…

Hi indygoof,

Thank you for your report. This is a known issue and is currently being assessed by the development staff.


Have you fixed that issue in 4.6? I’m facing the same problem in 4.5.1…

Hi swantiez,

This is still being assessed by the development staff. Unfortunately I do not have a timeframe of when this fix will be incorporated into the editor.

Sorry everybody!

It turns out I’ve broken it months ago while moving new Perception System from Fortnite codebase to AIModule. For those working with AI code the fix is simple: just comment out the internals of UAIPerceptionSystem's constructor.

For non-C++ users, I’ll apply a fix now and it should be available in 4.6.1.



Thanks again. I applied portion of your fix to 4.5.1 and it appears to resolve the issue.