Pawns navigating around other pawns

Hi. I put a few Pawns with custom geometry into the scene… I told them to go somewhere and intenionally I put one pawn there with no target. The problem is that I have no idea how to make the pawns go around each other. I tried setting the actors as Dynamic obstacles, that caused that they take no part in navmesh generation but the pawns still go into each other.

i still have no idea what is your definition for “go around each other”

By go around I mean avoid. Go into each other means they don’t avoid (ie pathfinding doesnt care about my other PAWNS, but only about NAVMESH)

Thank you. Just one question about this… cause I am puzzled with this. What is the difference between settings dynamic obstacle on the colision box and setting the Can affect navigation generation on actor and on the static meshes?


Hi, I don’t know if this is the proper way to fix your problem but should totally fix it:

Go under Edit/Project Settings/Engine/Navigation Mesh and look for Runtime Generation, by default is set on static. Fix it to Dynamic.

What it does: changing this parameter make your navmesh rebuild every X ms (could be the other Runtime parameter but I’m not totally sure). In this way the collision of your character count as obstruction and AI should avoid it. Beware of narrows, they can bug your AI if the navmesh is runtime refreshed.

P.s: to check your navmesh press P, you can do it even in runtime if you unposses the character.

Have a nice day

The first one is a parameter of the collision shapes (you can put an invisible box who block navmesh), the second is a parameter of the static meshes (for example you don’t want this param checked for doors since they can be open and with static navmesh the AI won’t pass through them).

Hmm but if the static mesh is under a colision box… and the entire actor is movable and the Can affect navigation generation is set to true, doesn’t this get updated with the actor changing position? Or is this setting only for unmovable objects?