Pawns falls a bit when crouching

I just updated the height of my player pawn collision cylinder, and now my pawn falls briefly when crouching.

The US implementation of StartCrouch() gets called by native code and looks a bit janky to be honest.

Does anyone have suggestions on how best address this issue?

if I remember right it has something to do with BaseTranslationOffset.try setting it to 0.0

Thanks gaz, i’ll give that a shot :wink:

It looks like BaseTranslationOffset is a property of UTPawn. My pawn is extending from UDKPawn.

What I do is to modify the cylinder size progressively, in the tick. I’m not using UT functions when is possible. I think that it’s better in this way.

( My pawns was extending from UDKpawn too, but I changed to Pawn and now are a 20% faster. ).