Pawn Wont stop spinning when hitting object? [Help]

Hello, I have a side scroll game in which a ship is flying. I have gravity and simulated physics on so the ship would drop to the floor. The ship is controlled by rotation both up and down and propelled by a physics thruster. My problem is, when the ship hits an object like a wall at a certain angle, like when it catches an edge, the ship starts to rotate in that direction. Even though I have the controls to make the ship rotate, this doesnt stop the rotation from the impact at the wall, it only slows it down until I let off, in which continues its spinning force. Ideally I dont want the impact to cause the ship to spin at all or have it be minimal and more realistic. Any Ideas? Also Thank you for reading.

Try increasing your Angular Damping:

Thank you for your response vr_marco appreciate it. Yes this is what I found out to help with me. I did go into the project settings>Engine>physics and adjusted the Max Angular Velocity to 0 that also eliminated any rotation when colliding with any objects. Thank you much for your input! Hopefully it helps others as well!