Pawn wont fly over obstacles even though it's above them

I am having trouble implementing flying units into my RTS style game. I have tried with Pawn and DefaultPawn classes. Both seem to give me the same results.

Specifically when I am using Ai Move To or Move To Location Or Actor (with the pathfinding option off), the unit will path around a wall instead of fly over top of it.

This despite the pawn being at Z height of say 1200 and the obstacle height is only 100. Why is it still trying to path find even though I have it deselected?

If there is not navmesh then AI will avoid it. AI Move to functions use navmesh. I don’t know for sure what pathfinding actually does, I don’t really see differences when I’ve used it.

If you use Behavior Trees, there is a Move Directly To task which ignores navigation. Not sure how the code is set up exactly, but I’d image it would set location on tick lerped from it’s start point to the desired end point.

Ok thanks, I was under the (mistaken) impression that turning off pathfinding option on Move To Location Or Actor node meant it would treat it like a Move Directly To.

In the end I wrote my own Move To that manually flies the unit around…

This is frustrating… I know there must be a way to do this!

I realized my own movement function only works great on the server side. On the client side it’s choppier than hell because of course by not using the character movement component I give up the built in network smoothing and prediction etc.

So back to the original problem… I want to use the character movement component to benefit from network smoothing and all the rest of it … BUT the character is flying above the ground (and all obstacles), so doesn’t need to move via navmesh.

I guess I will have to check out the behavior tree to see if that will work but shouldn’t it be fairly easy thing to do? Just move to a location without regard for the navmesh!