Pawn Unit Won't Register Child Collision Box

The AI-controlled pawns are set up so that they have an extra “run target” sphere collision component attached to the capsule, but detached in the construction script. So the idea is that a pawn will spawn and run to the beginning of a spline where a “start running along this spline” event fires. That event moves the pawn’s run target component a certain distance down the spline and AIMoveTo that location.

All of this works as expected.

The issue is that upon the pawn meeting the run target sphere it’s supposed to detect that collision (capsule/sphere), kick the sphere further down the spline, and do another AIMoveTo. I cannot get the collision to be detected.

It will detect if the player pawn (third person standard blueprint) runs into the target, and even if OTHER pawns run into it, but not if its own original parent does.

Pawn setup:

Pawn’s construction script:

Pawn’s event that fires once it hits the start of the spline:

The collision for the capsule is set to “pawn” and for the target it’s set to “overlap all dynamic”.

How can I get it to detect the collision from its own capsule?