Pawn slows down in air. How to maintain momentum from acceleration force, but prevent from flying/adding more force?

So I have a vehicle I’ve made with the pawn class and it’s working fine in almost every other regard but I can’t for the life of me sort out how to get it to stop letting me accelerate midair after a jump. Once it’s in the air, I would really like it to maintain the momentum it had on the ground, but since the acceleration is tied to a curve and whether the input is held down, it flies if you hold it down or slows to a crawl if you aren’t.

I tried setting up a branch to see if it’s falling and if it isn’t it applies the force like normal, but I don’t know what I should be telling it to do if it is. All of the movement is driven by add force at location. I am pretty new to blueprints but as far as getting this project going, this has been like the main obstacle for me for… well, a lot longer than I’d anticipated. I’d GREATLY appreciate any help at all with this issue. I’m at a complete loss.

Thank you for your time.