Pawn Sensing to AI controller or NPC?

Afaik I know, the controller for an NPC is what control its behavior, it is its AI.

So, where is more logic to put the Pawn Sensing component? In the controller, or directly on the NPC?

Extending the question: is corret to think to put on the NPC only the component/variables/whatever is related to its physical state (like healt, posture, walk and run speed, etc…) and in the controller all the AI-related stuff (like sensing, variables related to knowledge acquired, etc,)?

As far as I understand, the Pawn is the entity itself, the Character while the Controller is the logic, the behavior, it is how you control the character. For example, in a game you may use a Pawn for the Player with a PlayerController that just holds a simple logic and also use the same Pawn for the Enemies with a AIController that includes sensing, behavior and more variables to make the AI smarter (as you say in the second question, so you were right).

So, in my opinion, try to make the Pawn as general as possible and keep the logic and behavior in the Controller. See this link to the documentation.

I might not be correct, its just my opinion.

Hope it helps!

In fact, what i did, is to put the sensing on the pawn, and from its events call relative events in the controller, so the sensing still be pawn-dependent, in case different pawns have different settings, and keep in the controller the logic.

Thanks anyway @anonymous_user_86f61021 :wink: