Pawn Sensing or AI Perception for simple enemy AI?

Hi, I’m working on implementing A.I. functionality in my project. The bot behavior is limited to the following things:

  1. Move towards a certain point in the level

  2. If player is within sight range, attack the player

  3. If the player is outside the sight range and attacking the bot, move towards the player and attack him once in range.

  4. If the player is outside the sight range and not attacking the bot, continue along the original path in step 1.

I’m not planning to implement any advanced behaviors above the aforementioned. So I would like to know which would be a better route to take given the situation: AI perception or Pawn sensing?

I’ve posted the question in AnswerHub as well. So if anyone wants to answer it there, here’s a link:

AI, will cover vision.

Use it for my turrets.

Can show part later if you want.

this is a turret following me, ignore first one

Hi Narghile, you’re using AI perception here?

I am using on see


Cool, thanks. But do you know what advantages AI perception component has over pawn sensing component?