Pawn sensing false?


In blueprints I am unable to find something that checks if a pawn Is no longer being sensed.
There is an event OnPawnSee.

But how would u know if the pawn is no longer in range? There is no event for pawn no longer being sensed

Eventually figured out there isn’t something that triggers if the pawn is no longer sensed.
As a workaround a compare the see radius with the distance of the pawn and branch it.

Hi Crocopede I am looking for the same false statement from sensing can I ask how you get the see radius please?


From an event tick i compare the distance of the enemy to the player with the pawn sensing components distance.
If that distance is greater it should return a true then i set the pawn sensing to False.
If it is false meaning the pawn in within the range then i set it to true.

I added do Once after both events making them reset each other as to not continuously trigger the setting of the variable.

Hope that helps

the solution is to call delay funct

ion , for 0.001 seconds , reset the variable detected to null

What about adding a isValid node as a test?

Is there any drawbacks to using this method?