Pawn sensing component's sight doesn't work

I created UPawnSensingComponent in constructor binding delegates to it. The problem is that OnHearNoise fires, but OnSeePawn doesn’t.
I tried many things but I still can’t make it working.


Were you ever able to solve this issue? Im having the same problem

One thing comes into my mind: With the Pawn Sensing, there’s a limit of the peripheral vision angle (90 degrees), resulting that no vision to back is possible - which can cause problems depending on what you want to achieve.
You could try to go for the newer AI Perception instead. Although it is around here quite a while, the Pawn Sensing is also still here, but the AI Perception seems to be the recommended way to go. See also some old discussion here: Pawn Sensing vs AI Perception

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Ill take a look into it. Thanks for the tip!

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