Pawn Sensing Component Only Affecting Player

I am working on a project involving both friendly and enemy AI controlled pawns. Both types of pawns have pawn sensing components and my intention is to have the friendly pawns attack the enemy pawns. The pawn detection works flawlessly for both when the player pawn enters their sight radius, however neither the friendly nor the enemy pawns ever detect each other. Any ideas why they are unable to detect each other?

There is an option in the PawnSensing component defaults called ‘Only Sees Players’. Have you unchecked that?

Oh wow, how did I not notice that before! Haha, thanks, that was an easy fix. :slight_smile:

Thanks! It’s working but right now I have another problem. The AI detects my weapon’s projectile. It just stops for a second, and after that, he starts to chase me again…

Usually one would stop with a projectile in their midst.