Pawn sensing/ai perception

Hello so my latest problem is more annoying since i have used it before without problem . I am talking about the pawn sensing component …I have set up pawn sensing as normal inside my actor which is essentially a cube.Yet i cannot get (onseepawn) or (onhearpawn) to fire I am trying to get it to see or hear my player_ship which is a pawn .Yet as i mentioned it simply will not fire …Do i need a navmesh for pawn sensing to work ? my actors do not move they simply sit and wait to see my pawn … Any help is appreciated guys im using 4.17 since 4.18 refuses to load my project

Sorry for the bump guys.I could really use some help with this…

Ok guys so this is all that i am trying to achieve right now but pawn sensing never gets fired

Just to narrow down the problem even further, have you tried the print string without the Cast to player_ship in between?

Always put the print-string BEFORE the Cast when debugging BP like this, or just use F9 breakpoints etc.
I’ve helped you out before and so mentioned this before dude, and I know you don’t want to hear it… BUT
Working from working templates and tweaking BP is easier as there’s so many points of failure otherwise.
Imho you should have stuck with the collision-trigger box path longer, kept good notes and learned from it!

I agree franktech and thank you . I have since fixed this issue but am slightly embarrassed to share the answer… I was using an actor not pawn as my detector…Since i was detecting pawn i assumed it wouldn’t work.But in retrospect that was a stupid assumption . My only question would be If you cannot use pawn sensing component on actors. Why allow us to add them? …Anyway franktech You are right you have told me before and have also always been very patient .For this i thank you. But i will remind you also that i openly admit i am not a bright guy and that i am a very slow learner …But in this case i had put the print string before the cast and had spent a long time trying to figure it out . Before rebuilding the bp .Which was when i added the cast . I do listen sometimes bud …Only sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: