Pawn->SceneRoot Only Collision Allowed?

Hey mates.
Since I just couldn’t get prone to work with CHaracter Class with correct collision I tried it with a Pawn today.
The thing is the exact problems hit me again and I think I know the reason now. And I wanted to ask you mates for confirmation.
In UE4 whatever object/thing the SceneRoot is only this thing can be a collision model and nothing else.
Here let me demonstrate:
I have started with a clean Pawn and added a Capsule Collision as my base. Then I added a a Box Collision set the right settings and tried it in editor. Nope; no matter what I try only Capsule Collision is the one working as you can see.

Then I added a simple Sphere with no functionality and set it as my scene root. Kept everything the same.

So the only true way to get a better collison is to simply write everything from zero in C++ ?
Thanks mates and I think a lot of people would be happy if this gets answered.

If you want to use custom collision, you need to use a Pawn derived actor and not a Character. Characters are a monolithic mess and only work with Capsule Collision

Yeah as I said, I used a Pawn and I still get that mess. What I am trying to say here is: I think the problem lies with default Pawn/character construction system that takes the scene root object as collision.

Every MovementComponent has a variable “Updated Component”, you can change that to whatever you like

Try setting the second / child component as Weld. Somewhere in it’s settings This will combine both body instances

Yeah tried that just now. But it simply refuses to do it. I looked it into a bit and it seems many other people are also having problems with weld.

You mean this I guess. Tried quite a bit but failed ultimately.