Pawn saying Bad Size and spawning outside the level?

Hello, every time I put a pawn down to spawn in-game, it spawns me on the top of the level barrier, I made a map level in 3ds Max, imported it into UE4, did everything correctly, and I can’t have the player pawn anywhere in the level without it saying bad size. Can somebody tell me how to fix this?

that means there is some collision volume or primitive that is in the way of spawning. if you imported the level as a single static mesh, you should turn its collision off and make a separate collision mesh that is simpler. then you can set its collision to block all.

i wouldn’t recommend importing a whole level as a single static mesh, because breaking it down into separate parts allows for culling, LODs, instancing, and reuse between levels, which will save you memory and increase performance.

I just had the same problem, go into the static mesh editor and see the collision it has. remove it completley and test it again.