Pawn Rotation Resets to default


i have a simple method of setting the rotation of a pawn.
I have the blueprint script inside the pawn itself, not the controller (The Player has the ability to possess different pawns/characters, therefore i want to have the “code” into the resprective Blueprint class.

The Change of the Rotation is no problem, everithing is working as intended. After i stop setting a new rotation (If the middle mouse button is pressed the event is fired with every “Mouse Y/X”) the rotation is reset.

Any ideas?

affected config:
Scene → Movable
SpringArm → inherit Ptich/YAW/Roll from pawn Is set (UsePawn Control Rotation is disabled)
Camera → Use Pawn Control Rotation is disabled

Player Controller → Attach to pawn is disabled


I spent a lot of day finding why my pawn was not tanking any rotation from “SetActorRotation”
The rotation of my pawn was instantly reset to his current value. I tried a lot of things, changing settings, removing every rotation from tick, but nothing was working.

I found a working solution for myself :
When I used the “Set Control Rotation” on the PlayerController it worked instantly. (when this pawn is possessed)

I hope it will work for you too, GL to find your solution !

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Thank you!

Wooohooo! That totally saved my day! Thank you very much for posting this! :slight_smile: