Pawn removing itself from a called array, and I don't know why.

First of all, I think this is where I would post issues such as these, if not forgive me and let me know where I should please.

Now, for this I have this pawn (Known as A_Transport) grab an array in the Player’s blueprint that has all the actors in a certain distance. For some reason, the Transport doesn’t appear in this array, but only in it’s own blueprint because when I check the Player’s array, this pawn does exist in it.

I figured this out by making A_Transport make it’s own array based on the array the Player has. To my belief, this should just be a copy of the Player’s array.

Here, while playing the scene. I can see the player array does contain the Transport as an actor in it’s radar.

But when I look over at the Transport’s array, it’s missing itself.

I have no idea what to do because it should just copy over the array but it doesn’t. Anyone know why?

Heyo! Problem solved! I don’t know what I did to the mesh but apparently it was making this happen. So I just imported the mesh again and switched it out and boom, we’re in business. Don’t know why a change in the Mesh details would make such a thing like this occur still.

Heyo again. Figured out what was really causing the issue. Didn’t notice using Complex Collision AND having the actor move about would cause any collision detection to fail, therefore making it invisible to itself until it stops moving. Neato.