Pawn possession, no animation

I’ve set up my project like this:

PlayerChar(I’m using the default player for this)

GameController, among other things allows me to switch between possession of the cam and controller. When I switch to the character, I can move around fine, but the animations for not play. I can move forward, jump, turn but the mesh is completely still.

Does anyone know if there is something wrong with this possession BP? Do I need to activate the anim class attached to the mesh?

I haven’t been able to figure this out. While I don’t want to post the project, I recorded a video so that maybe someone can help here. I’m now using a controller to switch between the character and an edit-mode pawn that manages the tiles in the game.

As you can see, the animation tends to just freeze until I repossess the character, though it doesn’t work reliably. The controls themselves work fine, and the animations are unedited in any way yet. It happens on multiple types of surfaces. Has anyone had this problem, or does anyone know where to look?

[video]- YouTube

I don’t really think will fix it, but give it a go if you want:


You can switch B for whatever button you want for testing, and if you want run it automatically when you possess the player.

Thanks for the feedback, though I tried it and it didn’t work.

I see. Does it always happen only when you switch cameras? Maybe there is a problem in the animation graph

Switching cameras seems restart the frozen animation sometimes. It doesn’t cause the freezing though as far as I can tell.

Might be an a bug in the animation graph. Do you use any “Play Animation” nodes? These might cause problems. If not, check your animation graph, there must be a problem there.

I don’t use any of those nodes but I’ll take a look at the animation graph to see what might be wrong. I’ve compared it to the other starter content third person but can’t seem to find any significant differences so far.