Pawn Ownership ? level streaming for actors

Hi Folks
I have a project that I wish to make into a form of Multi player.
This cannot be the normal server knows everything and passes to the client MP it would be more accuratly described as relay play

I have a persistent level and sub levels
on entry to game each player loads one of the sub levels
Player A on level 1 spawns a non replicated train that only appears on his game (sorted)

The train traverses his level and reaching the end I need the train to disappear from his level and re-appear ONLY on Player B who is on level 2

Now I can do this by creating a copy of the train and getting Player B to spawn it (only on his level)

This is a little messy as I have to spawn all the different classes that make up the train and then apply an identical set of attributes such as number livery etc to each vehicle.

It would be much easier if I could take the original train and change its owner to player B thus disappearing from player A and appearing on level B.

It could be thought of as level streaming for Autonomous actors… as it nears the end of the track it moves to the next level.

Any thoughts

Paul G

Using the “Only Relevant to Owner” flag might work. While the client is the owner it gets the updates and when it loses ownership it gets moved out of sight or hidden.

Hi thanks for the reply,
All rail vehicles are already set to “Only relevant to owner”,
What I am looking for is a way to transfer an array of object references to another owner that does not exist in its "present " world.
I am presuming the game mode knows of all the player controllers and controlled pawns (and the sub levels they are in) and will have to call from the GM.
I just have had no success in scripting the BP’s to do that