Pawn not using key presses

In a brand new Blank empty game,I created a simple pawn that is supposed to move 30 units in the Y direction when I press W, but when I do nothing happens. It just makes my camera move forward. What do I need to do to make this work?

I believe you need to have a pawn possessed in order for input to work

OK, but I fiddled with the gamemode to make the pawn the default pawn. Now whenever I start the game, I spawn as an immovable pawn (I only have rotation going right now, will add movement later), and my camera seems to be stuck in the chair. However, I want my camera to operate independently of the pawn (I want it to be like a camera watching the character as if it was a camera on the ceiling). Any ideas?

Well, what is your goal?

Do you simply wish to move the chair mesh round? If so, it doesn’t need to be a pawn.

A simple actor class will be able to accept your input and move the chair :slight_smile:

I fixed the problem now. Thanks for the help!