Pawn not rotating with input

Im making a turret that rotates with e,q. I made it a pawn and already made the inputs on project settings.
This is my code:

void ATurret::SetupPlayerInputComponent(UInputComponent* PlayerInputComponent)
    	InputComponent->BindAxis("TurretRotate", this, &ATurret::Turn);

void ATurret::Turn(float amount) {
	rotator.Yaw += amount;

Any idea on why its not rotating, if i move de function Turn to Tick it does spin. They inputs are an axis called TurretRotate so i dont get what im doing wrong.

Can’t you just rotate it in the blueprint?

My guess is that you have a wrong input setup because as you say if you move the function into the Tick it does work. So you need to double check the input setup, you added a binding for the axis but did you also add a binding for the key that will control the axis?


You can see that I mapped the MouseX with a scale of 1, that will return values from 1.0f to -1.0f into the function.

I added E with 1.0 scale and Q with -1.0. Maybe the problem is im using keys and not a axis per de as a mouse or joystick?

Hmm no that is fine, the only difference is that you will only get 1.0f or -1.0f, nothing in between.

I also tried whith gamepad axis and mouse, and with location and not rotation. still nothing, so i dont know what the problem is.