Pawn movement

Hi all, i tryied it for a week now i’m really fed up now: i want to make a pawn made by me to move, i understood that he need a controller so i made a bp that should possess it on game begin and first wasn’t working beacause on pawn reference i was getting none, so after changing auto possess by player 0 on pawn detail panel i started to get something. However i made a gamemode bp too and set on in project settings and world setting as i haven’t the flying camera yet. I need help here’s my three blueprints

You need to make the the parent class “Character” (it’s a Pawn now which has no CharacterMovement).

Also see this:

I think that character isn’t required in this kink of project. I’ll give you a easier example: the pong’s paddle it just moves up and down and he may respond at the ball differently by the hit position on the paddle just this. I think IMHO that a pong’s paddle CAN’T be a character (conceptually) beacause it would be a waste. I mean characters are design for humanoid movements even animations, what kind of animation do the paddle? I just don’t understand why my code do not work