Pawn movement freezing after Possess

I have two PlayerControllers. One SideScrollerCharacter, the second one is Pawn (Flying Drone) with FloatingPawnMovement component. I play for both, switching between them through “Possess” Function. Drone always follows the SideScrollerCharacter as long as he is without control, and also has an offset relative to the speed of the SideScrollerCharacter to create a constant fluctuation in the air.

But there is a problem that when I switch the controller from Drone back to Character, the offset is turned off and the Drone freezes. This happens when the Posses function is activated. For the SideScrollerCharacter, the problem is solved with a checkbox “Run Phythics with no Controller” in movement component. But there is no such switch for Pawn, because it has another movement component.


Please help me, how can I solve the problem?

Found a solution, I added a Spawn Default Controller node after Possessing from my Drone.

Thanks dude. This helped me out.