Pawn movement constrained

Hi All

Im looking for some direction on how to archive this type of setup.

So im wanting to be only able to move in these directions.
And i was also wondering how i would go about moving a object with the pawn(ie pushing the blue cube)


Im looking for advice on same type of movement.
Needing to know how i can move the character a set amount of units with each key press (WSAD) and to rotate him in the correct direction his is moving.
But my issue seems to be with the movement component, im just not sure how i can apply velocity etc so i end up with 100untis movements.

I would do the opposite. I would use a “Set Location” node, and use InterpTo nodes to smooth out the movement. That way, however the movement pans out, the end location will be guaranteed to be whatever you set it to be.

Thank you for helping…
Ive already tried that way, But i lose collisions on the character…
The only way Ive found to keep the characters collision while moving is with using “Add movement input”, But then of-course i cant get the 100units movements.
I’m i doing something wrong…

Moving Character Set amount of units


Can someone give me some advice. im trying to move my character only 100untis on each key press in either direction. But the timeline don’t seem to be giving me the same numbers each time, and i need to keep my character on a grid. What i missing when using timeline or delta ticks Thanks in advanced for any help.