Pawn Lag behind Camera instead of Camera Lag

I know there is a camera lag feature in UE4 where the camera lags behind the pawn/character. However, I instead need the camera to lead and the pawn/character to lag behind.

In other words, I have a flying pawn and the flight would feel more natural if the ship’s movement followed the camera movement with a smoothed movement, similar to the Halo: Reach Sabre space ship. Halo Reach: Flying Sabre Gameplay Video - YouTube

Any ideas on how to do this?

I figured it out. Simply change the camera to the root object. Add a child spring arm, and put a child static mesh on the spring arm. check the camera lag option on the spring arm. Make sure to turn off “Do Collision Test” or your pawn will jump around when getting near other objects. Works like a charm!


However, now the collision on the static mesh doesn’t work. Also, I need to have the camera lag more on left and right movement and less on up and down movement. Any ideas on how to do this? will I need to create my own lag system?

Edit: So I created my own camera lag system that works quite well, and I have different lag options for forward back, left right, and up down based on this: Feature Request: Axis-specific camera lag / max distance - Feedback for Unreal Engine team - Unreal Engine Forums.

I’m still having issues with collision. So I’ll probably need to post a new question.