Pawn jump character not working

Hello guys!
My Character can’t jump.

To this time all worked but now something happened and it isn’t responding to the jump but it is doing other functions. I thought i deleted something by accident but then I did this

and it didn’t worked again. Please help where is the problem

Hey there, there might something in your animation blueprint that is preventing him to jump, check the transition rules.

No but thanks!


If the transition rules, as well as the animations in your animation blueprint are all working fine, then your left with a few more places to check and reset things back to default character settings:

First, make sure that your Jump event is actually firing! Start your game in PIE and select that blueprint as Debug filter and see if the event is firing when you press Jump key. If not, then you need to map the key in the Project Settings > Inputs.

Next, make sure that you haven’t accidentally set some jump parameters to zero. Select your character movement component and make sure that settings under Character Movement : Jumping / Falling are all set to their defaults.

Lastly, back to animation again, make sure your character mesh is using that animation blueprint class you have.

Hope this helps!

if your jump and stop jump function is fine, maybe when you press the key you triggering the jump function then when you releasing the key triggering the stop jump, so it make the jump function didn’t worked, but i have no idea what is inside your jump and your stop function

The default of ue4


Maybe you are using the same key somewhere in your blueprint ?
For example your event InputAction Jump is bound to Space, and you are using the Space Input somewhere ?

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