Pawn is floating above floor * Please Help

Hi All,

We are creating our game using UE4, we followed the 3rd person character tutorials from the Unreal Channel on youtube, it worked perfectly. We are able to import everything. The only issue is that our character is ‘floating’ above any ground plane he stand on. I believe this to be a character issue, as the collision set on the floor planes are set at the floors vertical height.

See pics below.


Any help would be appreciated.

It might help to post a screenshot of your character BP, that way we can see what components you’re using and what could be causing this.

Look like the capsule colider in character blueprint is big that the mesh.

Just open the character bp - go into the component tab - select the character - move it a litte bit on the Z axis :slight_smile:

Might also be some auto-generated collision body below the feet in the Physics Asset (if you let it be generated).

This. I almost always have to edit the Z axis to -92 or something for such characters.