Pawn Event Possessed Executes Twice

I’m noticing on game start that this event is firing twice, which means there’s somewhere else that the Event Possession event is being fired off. My Pawn currently has Auto Possess set to Player 0. There is also only ever one pawn in the scene of this object. It makes me suspect there is a second setting happening that I am not aware of.


To give more information, I noticed that when I disable the Auto Possess on the pawn, the AiController takes over and spawns only one ball (which is the correct number to spawn). However, I get an error here where my possessed pawn never gets set as a variable in my Blue print(which makes sense.).

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When I have The Aicontroller disabled and the Auto Possess set to Player 0, it returns to spawning 2 balls again. This part I have no idea now WHY it’s spawning two.

The solution I currently have is just having the Event Possessed event connected to a DoOnce node, but I would really like an explanation for why this is occurring as I see this being a problem in future development cases.


I’m experiencing the same - it would be great to hear any thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks T

I have the same issue. Did you find a way to solve it?

@CorDKC A do once should fix it up for you, I had the same problem and Fixed it with that. The Event Possessed seems to run on the server which my guess i that UE by default simulates a client server environment, thus running it twice…

One other thing is, if the ball is spawning in the wrong direction inially, try to disable the “Initial Velocity in Local Space” in the projectile details section.

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I had the same problem, in my case setting Defaut Pawn in Game mode helped.