Pawn control rotation

Hey guys,

So I have a small problem regarding “pawn control rotation” for my camera. I want to make a feature that the player could look behind. Here’s a picture

As you can see my camera has a parent socket, up to this point everything is good, but if I want to remove the shakiness from the character movement I have to select “use pawn control” and when I do that my camera always displays front view, even though it is facing backwards, any idea how I could remove the shakiness and keep the camera facing backwards?
I have tried adding a new socket which would face in a different direction, but the outcome was the same.

If i understand you correctly, you do not get attached camera from character. Try to remove the socket or put the character again.

The camera I added to my character is being displayed correctly. I could remove it from the socket and set X,Z,Y manually, but the reason I want it to have a socket because it gives a realistic effect like you are breathing and your camera moves just a little bit. Furthermore, even if I add socket, then the camera is still showing me the backward view(as intended), but then the camera shakes a lot and it is very unpleasant for the user. To remove the shakiness I just check the pawn rotation and after that I only can see forward. It fixes the shakiness but nothing I’ve tried gave me the backward view. Sorry if it’s hard to understand what I am trying to explain, english is not my native language.

My language russian. Try not to put the socket and simply attach the camera to the bone. And then you might turn camera if you want.