Pawn collides with static mesh when mesh set to movable but won't collide when mesh set to static


I’ve been working on this problem for three days and I can’t figure it out, unfortunately. I am building a simple rocket ship game. I would like a static platform for this ■■■■ to collide with to block it from going off the level. I put a wall from the starter pack, gave it a simple box collision, and set the collision profile to BlockAll. My spaceship is a sprite with a capsule collision component which also has BlockAll as the collision profile.

As stated in the title, when I simulate physics on both objects and the wall is set to movable, they collide but the wall move obviously. When I set the wall to static, simulate physics becomes unchecked and my rocket flies right through it with no collision.

I’ve tried very hard to solve this on my own but I’ve hit my breaking point on what seems like something so simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You!