Pawn + CapsuleComponent


Asking in Content Creation because I’m sure I’m rigging something wrong.

We are controlling all character movement in our game and the time has come to add collision.

For sake of simplicity, I have a Hero blueprint which is a Pawn blueprint.

inside it:

[ROOT] Coll Capsule
Hero Mesh <---- skeletal mesh

I have collision off on the Hero Mesh and have set Coll Capsule to CollideDynamicAll (Also tried Pawn)

In a simple situation (just using gravity), I’m not getting any events generated when the collision capsule clearly overlaps a simple box that has block all set on it.

As a control, I can get collision to work against the same box if I set up a blueprint that uses a Character, but I don’t want all the superfluous character movement that comes with it.

So, obviously I’m doing something wrong, but in a couple hours of googling, rummaging through these forums, etc… I haven’t seen anything showing how to use a simple pawn that you move by yourself with collision attached to it.

If the solution is C++ that’s fine, our movement code is all in C++.


On a side note ,
did you also activate the " Generate overlap events " checkbox for the box ? it is on the collision section of the Details panel .

Yeah, I have it enabled on both the box and the Hero. Seems to work when I use Character as a class for my blueprint but I’m trying to figure out how to do this only using a Pawn.

Ok, figured this out.

For some reason, none of the presets work for me in colliison.

However, setting the Collision Preset to ‘Custom’, Collision Enabled to ‘No Physics Collision’ and then object type to ‘Pawn’ made it work.

If I set to ‘Overlap All’ in the presets, which has the exact same flags, the event does not get triggered.

this will work for now, however, let me know if this sounds like a bug to anyone. At least at this moment I am no longer blocked.