Pawn blueprint and physics problem

I have a pawn blueprint of a boat and I don’t get its physics to work. It might be a collision problem but I don’t get it because the static mesh of the boat does work.

You need to open up the collision presets arrow and compare the channels of your pawn with whatever isn’t working. Also, if you could clarify just how it isn’t working, that would help.

It doesn’t fall (it doesn’t follow the physics)

I think this is something you are going to need to take a video of in order for more accurate assistance…if you don’t have a screen recorder, even just using a phone would provide some more insight I think

check and make sure each component, especially the ones higher up in the hierarchy are simulating physics like collision capsules and such not just the mesh.

Yes - the Root or the component closest to Root, which has a Collision set on it, is the one that determines all collisions for the entire Actor.

Is your RC just a Scene component? If so, try to set a static mesh as a RC, and change it’s physics parameters.