Pawn ai - decide between friendly and enemy and different priorities of enemies (actor arrays?)


So i made myself a turret.

it shoots a projectile “on overlap”. currently, for testing purposes i filtered for the “overlap” actor to see if his name is mycharacter_c (esle it would trigger on the projectiles too)

Anyways I see that doesnt get the results id like to etc with more than 1 problem

So I figured I go about it in a logical way (always the best approach) - with an event tick.
So the tick should keep track of every actor that is overlapping in its trigger box. With thah I have 2 problems, first i dont know exactly how to work with actor arrays. It seems hard to store and load and filter infos from it, and the other problem is I dont know at what point I should give an indicator of a unit being team blue or team red.

Id like to name actors like: “MINION_TEAMBLUE_PRIORITYLOW” and “PLAYER_TEAMRED_PRIORITYHIGH” for example. Do i just have to do it as a variable in the actor when its generated? It seems actorarray “getters” seem to store classes or sth…

So the turret should get the actor array list, I copy everything into a “target list” - remove everything that has “TEAMBLUE” (for the red turret) then check if theres a “HIGH” priority target. I found filters but couldnt feed it the actorarray.

Hope anyone could give some ideas how to go about this. I also want to mention that this will be for a multiplayer game (as nearly all solutions i could find on turrets are for singleplayer, and only deal with the same 1 actor.)
Maybe it helps someone Im building a turret that kinda works like the ones from lol.

best regards

PS: documentation about arrays didnt help much, and the 2 top videos on turrets also dont help me in my case.

ive now found lots of info on the wiki and in the documentation:

this was the best for the basics:

here under A theres lots of tutorials about AI,

his one helped me the most: (a bit advanced)